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Creating valid wills in Missouri

Missouri law outlines the requirements for creating valid wills in the state. As long as people make certain that the wills they draw up follow those rules, the documents will generally be deemed valid by the court after they die. Wills must be signed in the presence of witnesses in order to be valid. To […]READ POST »

David Bowie’s financial acumen sets an example

Music lovers in Missouri were likely saddened to hear that David Bowie had succumbed to cancer at the age of 69. The innovative and trendsetting star transformed popular music during a glittering career that spanned five decades, but financial experts are as impressed by Bowie’s financial acumen as his ability to reinvent himself artistically. The […]READ POST »

The pros and cons of digital wills

It is not uncommon for a Missouri resident to die without the surviving family members knowing if the decedent left a will or, if so, where it is located. People may place wills and other important estate planning documents in a safe or a safety deposit box in a bank, but if no one is […]READ POST »