Protecting those in the midst of crisis...
...and planning for those who want to avoid crisis.

Advocating for the rights of the elderly and those who love them.

Safeguarding the current and future benefits of people who are disabled through proper planning.

Helping you understand eligibility for Veteran’s aid and securing the benefits you deserve.

Shielding the elderly from the loss of life-savings when faced with the need for long-term care.

Untangling the bewildering web of Medicaid eligibility.

In the Maze of Confusion...

There Is a Solution.

We do not provide cookie cutter services (but we do serve chocolate chip cookies).


Elder Law and Disability Planning Attorneys serving Missouri and Illinois

The issues that you face in elder law affect the most important people in your life. You are dealing not only with your own future, but also the future and well-being of your family members. These legal matters can determine who will take care of your elderly parent or child with a disability if you are unable to, where your possessions and money will go at the time of your death and how your loved one’s estate will be distributed after his or her passing.

Providing peace of mind when it matters the most

At The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm of Christine A. Alsop, we understand the importance of these matters. We also know that these issues can cause a great deal of stress, anxiety and uncertainty. The good news is that we are here to help. Our law firm focuses solely on estate law, elder law, long-term care planning and disability planning. We have an in-depth understanding of the complex laws that surround these areas and can help you understand all of the options that are available to you and your loved ones.

Focused on your needs, your goals and your results

At our firm, we work for you, not the other way around. This means that we take the time to get to know you and your concerns. We are here to listen, identify your goals and help you select the best course of action. Our legal team will never push you into a solution that you are not comfortable with. Instead, we will educate you on how the law can solve your problem and provide advice based on our decades of experience.

If you need transportation, we offer complimentary car service to and from our office. Please contact our office for details and to schedule your appointment.

Whether you are wanting to ensure that your children receive your property when you pass or facing an urgent crisis (i.e. your parent is in need of immediate skilled nursing care), we can help. While we give thoughtful attention to each client matter, we are also able to take swift legal action when the need arises.

We do not provide cookie cutter services (but we do serve chocolate chip cookies).

  • We specialize in personalized service in a warm and comfortable environment;
  • We rely on our substantial experience in providing customized drafting to meet our clients’ particular needs;
  • Our planning is unique, just to our clients, and never routine; and
  • Cookie cutter planning based on – “one size fits all” might cost money in the long-run.

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In the maze of confusion, there IS a solution.