St. Louis pet trust lawyer


Do You Have A Plan For Your Pets?

Pets often feel like members of the family, so many Americans are choosing to include them in their estate planning. Just as people designate to whom assets will be distributed and how an estate will be divided, they can also use a pet trust to designate where their beloved pets go in the event of their death.Our furry friends cannot tell us where they want to spend their days, so it is important to consider their health, ability and comfort when deciding who will take over as their companions in the event of death or incapacitation. The loss of an owner and a move to a new home can be hard on a pet. A pet trust can make the transition less difficult on both their new family and them.

Providing Peace Of Mind

At The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm of Christine A. Alsop, LLC, we believe that providing peace of mind is our job. That is why we work hard to ensure the proper planning for your estate and all of your loved ones. Through a pet trust, you can choose a companion for your pet, make special requests and set aside financial assistance for your pet’s future care. Knowing that your best friend will continue to receive care after you are gone is the kind of peace of mind we offer.

Here For You So You Can Be There For Them

Whether your beloved pet is older, has special needs or requires special attention, our trusted attorneys will make sure he or she receives the care needed. When you are ready to discuss your estate planning wishes with an experienced lawyer, we are here to listen. Call our office in St. Louis, Missouri, at 314-644-3200 or send us an email today to discuss your concerns.