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Veterans are entitled to important government benefits through the federal VA (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs). If you or your spouse requires long-term care, you may be entitled to additional monthly benefits — above and beyond your military pension — to cover these costs.The Aid & Attendance and Housebound program is a unique benefit administered by the VA for veterans and their surviving spouses. It is designed to help veterans and their families with the increasingly exorbitant costs of in-home or institutional care. You may be entitled to benefits if you are a veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran, and:

  • You are housebound
  • You require a caregiver to assist you with tasks that are vital for daily functioning
  • You are bedridden
  • You are a nursing home patient, or
  • You have severely limited vision

Depending on your situation, you may be able to obtain upward of $1,000 per month in additional benefits.

Explore Your Eligibility For Additional Monthly Benefits

Many veterans and their loved ones struggle with the financial burden of long-term care costs without ever realizing that Aid & Attendance (A&A) benefits are available. This important program is tragically underused. Those who need it the most are often never informed of its existence.

At The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm of Christine A. Alsop, LLC, we can help you explore your eligibility for the A&A program and other forms of VA benefits. Our attorneys share a commitment to serving those who have faithfully served our country. We consider it a privilege to help veterans and their loved ones secure the benefits they are entitle to receive.

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