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We Can Help Your Injured Client Navigate Medicare Liens And Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (MSAs)

Personal Injury AttorneysAs a personal injury lawyer, you work tirelessly to fight for your clients’ rights to compensation for their accident injuries. As an experienced professional, you also know when to call in external experts, such as accident scene reconstructionists or medical specialists, to best help your clients. Likewise, when issues of Medicare liens or Medicare set-aside arrangements (MSAs) arise, it is important to refer your client to an experienced estate lawyer.

Legal Compliance With Medicare After An Accident

At The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm of Christine A. Alsop, LLC, we provide skilled legal services for accident victims who need help with Medicare liens and Medicare set-aside arrangements (MSAs), as well as those who require special needs trusts for permanent disability.

Our lawyers can help your client at any stage of the process. We are here to inform and educate if Medicare begins payment pre-settlement. We also handle all of the complex legal details after the compensation is awarded, including issues associated with lien resolutions or Medicare set-aside arrangements (MSAs). We will ensure that your client is legally compliant with all Medicare payment and reimbursement regulations.

Ensuring That Accident Victims Keep Government Benefits After Receiving A Personal Injury Settlement

It is important to note that personal injury lawyers have been sued for failing to protect the government benefits of their injured clients post-settlement. Our law firm will take that risk out of the equation for you. We understand the complex intersection of personal injury compensation and government benefits. Our lawyers will assess the best way to maximize the compensation award while still helping your client maintain eligibility for Medicare.

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