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The bond that people feel with their animals leads many to include their pets as part of their estate plan, leaving property and care instructions tailored to the continued care of their pets. Learn more in the following article:

Estate planning for man’s best friend

For many, long-term care is the better option to nursing home care, but it can be expensive. That is why it is vital to include long-term care in your estate plan. Learn more about planning for long-term care expenses in the following article:

Paying for long-term care: An important aspect of estate planning

Incapacity planning allows you to decide now who will make medical decisions or handle your financial affairs should you be unable to do so yourself due to incapacity. Learn more about this important part of estate planning by clicking on the link below:

Planning for incapacity in Missouri

The baby boomer generation faces unique considerations upon the passing of their parents. Learn more about inheritance expectations and estate planning considerations for baby boomers by clicking on the following link:

Estate planning considerations and needs for baby boomers in Missouri

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