When Fiduciary And Estate Disputes Require Litigation

Fiduciary Litigation And Advocacy

Estate Litigation attorneysWhen someone is taking advantage of your elderly parent, it can be difficult to know what to do, especially if that person has legal authority to manage your parent’s finances or health-care. Likewise, it can be confusing to understand your rights if a family member has died and you do not believe the will reflects his or her true wishes. These are just two examples of disputes that may arise in estate litigation. Other conflicts may involve:

  • Trust disputes: These can include disputes over the accuracy of a trust, the administration of a trust, the accounting of a trust or the breach of a fiduciary’s duties. We represent any involved party in these claims, including beneficiaries and trustees.
  • Will contests: An individual can contest a will for many reasons. Perhaps you know that the document does not really reflect what your parent wanted. Maybe you feel your elderly parent was taken advantage of or influenced to create or alter the will. Or maybe you are the subject of wrongful accusations in a will contest matter.
  • Fiduciary litigation: This type of legal dispute can often involve a trustee who is accused of improper trust administration. In other cases, these matters may call for the protection of seniors against those who are trying to take advantage of them financially — such as a financial power of attorney or conservator who denies an elderly person access to their financial matters.
  • Disputes regarding medical powers of attorney or guardians: These cases focus on the physical and mental well-being of an elderly individual or incapacitated adult. When someone is responsible for the medical decisions and welfare of another, he or she must act in the best interest of the ward. When this does not happen, legal action may be required.

While the legal disputes may differ, one thing remains the same — all of these matters are too important to ignore.

Make Sure Your Attorney Has Trial Experience

At The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm of Christine A. Alsop, LLC, we help clients resolve difficult estate litigation matters with efficiency, skill and compassion. We understand that when people contact our law firm, many are in a state of great distress, especially if a vulnerable family member is being taken advantage of. When you work with our lawyers, we will take your legal issues as seriously as you do.

While there are many estate planning and probate attorneys to choose from, when you face a legal dispute in these areas, you need an attorney with litigation experience. In addition to her dedicated focus on estate law, elder advocacy and probate, Christine has a strong background in litigation. She has represented clients in front of judges and juries and can help you with any type of adversarial proceeding regarding an elderly person or an estate.

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