What Should I Do If My Parent Is In A Nursing Home?

nursing home lawyerIf one of your parents has recently entered a nursing home, you are likely facing a range of emotions — concern over the well-being of someone you love, guilt due to not being able to take care of a mother or father who once took care of you and confusion over what legal details need to be addressed.

Helping You Protect The Best Interests Of An Elderly Parent

At The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm of Christine A. Alsop, LLC, we understand all of these concerns. Having a parent enter a nursing home is a difficult transitional period in life. We want to help families address these challenges and take some of the stress out of the equation. Our lawyers provide a range of important legal services relating to elders and nursing home care, including:

While there can be numerous decisions to make, our lawyers will take the time to explain each option and how it will affect your parent and your family. We know how important it is for families to feel comfortable with the legal decisions they make, so we do not operate a conveyor-belt legal practice. We give you the time and attention that you need during this life transition so your family can have peace of mind knowing that the best interests of your mother or father are being met.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Loved One Safe at Their Nursing Home

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Once your parent is settled in his or her nursing home, it’s time to address your legal concerns. Our attorney are prepared to answer all your questions and help you understand your options. Call us at 314-644-3200 or contact us online to learn more.

In the maze of confusion, there is a solution.