We Understand Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (MSAs)

Medicare Set Asides attorneyIf you have been injured on the job or in an accident outside of work, you are likely facing a very difficult period in your life. While you focus on healing, your personal injury lawyer is fighting to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. However, the need for legal guidance does not end after you receive a settlement or verdict. It is important to work with a qualified estate planning lawyer to structure a Medicare Set-Aside arrangement (MSA) for any accident-related medical expenses in the future.

Why Do I Need A Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement (MSA)?

If another party was responsible for your injury, the insurance company for that party is required to pay for your medical expenses associated with the injury, not Medicare. Problems arise when an individual receives a monetary settlement from the insurer, but does not budget for the long-term medical costs associated with the injury (for example, future surgery or a wheelchair replacement). This is where an MSA is essential. A properly established MSA will ensure that you are legally compliant with Medicare laws and protect your rights to future Medicare benefits.

Medicare Lien Resolution

In many workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, medical bills become due long before a settlement is awarded or verdict is reached. In these instances, Medicare can cover immediate expenses with an understanding that it will have priority for reimbursement once you receive compensation. This is called a Medicare lien. It is important to understand how and when you must reimburse Medicare; otherwise, you could face a potential lawsuit.

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