Nursing Home Planning

Protecting Your House After You Move into a Nursing Home

While you generally do not have to sell your home in order to qualify for Medicaid coverage of nursing home care, it is possible the state can file a claim against your house after you die, so you may want to take steps to protect your house. If you get help from Medicaid to pay […]READ POST »

Three Reasons Why Giving Your House to Your Children Isn’t the Best Way to Protect It from Medicaid

You may be afraid of losing your home if you have to enter a nursing home and apply for Medicaid. While this fear is well-founded, transferring the home to your children is usually not the best way to protect it. Although you generally do not have to sell your home in order to qualify for […]READ POST »

Better Than No Loaf: Medicaid Planning Using “Half a Loaf” Strategies

While it is preferable to conduct long-term care planning well in advance of needing care, if you haven’t planned ahead, there are some strategies available to avoid spending all your assets. Three so-called “half a loaf” approaches allow a Medicaid applicant to give away some assets while still qualifying for Medicaid.  In order to be […]READ POST »

Medicare’s Limited Nursing Home Coverage

Many people believe that Medicare covers nursing home stays. In fact, Medicare’s coverage of nursing home care is quite limited. Medicare covers up to 100 days of “skilled nursing care” per illness, but there are a number of requirements that must be met before the nursing home stay will be covered. The result of these […]READ POST »

What to Do with Your Stimulus Check if You Are in a Nursing Home

As the second (and maybe third) round of stimulus checks go out, it is important to know that nursing home residents are not required to turn their checks over to their nursing home. And Medicaid recipients need to spend the cash within a year if it puts them over Medicaid’s resource limit. In December 2020, […]READ POST »

Attorney Christine A. Alsop Named to the 2019 Missouri Super Lawyers List.

The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm is proud to announce that Christine A. Alsop has been named one of the top Elder Law Attorneys in Missouri & Kansas for 2019 by Super Lawyers. This is an exclusive recognition with no more than five percent of attorneys achieving this status. Super Lawyers, part of Thomson Reuters, […]READ POST »

What You Can Do to Keep Your Loved One Safe at Their Nursing Home

After a tragic murder at a St. Louis area nursing home, attorney Christine A. Alsop provides advice on what you can do to keep your loved one safe at their nursing home. Elder law expert Christine Alsop told 5 On Your Side that the federal government requires nursing homes put together a plan of care […]READ POST »