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Trusts empower people concerned that heirs will mishandle money

Many people in Missouri want to leave inheritances to their children. Some parents, however, feel reluctant to give a child with a record of bad financial decisions a large lump sum. In this situation, a parent could use a trust to build a safety wall between the heir and the estate. For many older parents, […]READ POST »

Creating wealth transfer plans in Missouri

Only 45 percent of Americans have some sort of formal estate plan. Without a will or trust, state law determines who receives an individual’s assets when he or she passes. This may mean that assets get distributed against the wishes of an individual and any beneficiaries. However, it may not be enough just to have […]READ POST »

Missouri residents should review their trusts regularly

As tax and trust laws evolve, it is possible that a trust created several years ago is no longer as tax-efficient as it could be. For instance, a trust now pays the top federal income tax rate of 39.6 percent if it has more than $12,300 in adjusted gross income in a given year. In […]READ POST »

Pet trust funds can be practical estate planning tools

The idea of setting up a trust fund for a pet may seem extravagant to most people in Missouri. In reality, creating a trust fund for a beloved pet is not just something that eccentric billionaires do. Because pets are viewed as property in the eyes of the law, a trust fund is the only […]READ POST »