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Make Sure Your Beneficiary Designations Match Your Estate Plan

Many types of property and investments pass outside of probate and allow you to designate who will receive them after your death. It is important that these designations are kept up to date and are consistent with the rest of your estate plan. When you open an investment account or retirement plan or buy life […]READ POST »

Helping loved ones while protecting an estate

Missouri residents who have children or step-children might worry about the best way to leave behind an estate. One concerned woman recently wrote to a popular financial advisor because she was worried that her two teen step-children would waste any inheritance they were given. She was unsure that her husband would follow her wishes if […]READ POST »

Trusts provide specific benefits within an estate plan

Trusts offer people in Missouri a great deal of flexibility when putting together their estate plans. Although a will can achieve many goals, a trust can be used to establish final wishes beyond what a will can legally accomplish. Trusts, in their various forms, can benefit individuals and families by providing control and privacy. The […]READ POST »

Diagram – Four Ways that Property is Transferred at One’s Passing

I recently posted a blog entry about the various ways that people can avoid probate. The probate process can become costly, time-consuming, stressful and, at times, necessary if proper legal and financial strategies and planning are not implemented. This is my diagram that depicts the FOUR WAYS THAT PROPERTY CAN BE TRANSFERRED AT YOUR PASSING […]READ POST »