Pet Protection

Importance of Pet Trusts.

What is a Pet Trust? A Pet Trust takes care of your beloved pet after you die. Our office is committed to helping pet owners plan, not only for their human loved ones, but for their furry loved ones as well. Many years ago, I had a case where a client died suddenly, leaving behind three dogs. The client adored all three dogs, but her senior dog, a golden retriever, was her most beloved. The client did not have a Pet Trust. She assumed her family would care for her dogs, but, unfortunately, at the client’s death, the family was not able to do so. The client’s friends helped wind up her affairs but, because they were not dog owners, they were baffled as to how to care for their friend’s three dogs. Two of the dogs were placed with rescue groups, but the other dog – the owner’s beloved pet – had to be euthanized because the friends did not have the financial resources or the knowledge to care for the dog. A Pet Trust would have protected the client’s beloved dog from this outcome. The Pet Trust protects your pet from being handled, in this way, following your death. Your Pet Trust gives clear directions on how your animals should be cared for at the time of your death. I have a Pet Trust in place for Riley, my 3-year-old cocker spaniel. Now that I have welcomed Lilly, a 10-week-old German Shepherd, to my family, I will be updating my Pet Trust to ensure that they are always cared for.