November is ‎National‬ ‎Alzheimers‬ ‎Disease‬ ‪Awareness‬ Month and National ‪Family‬ ‎Caregivers‬ Month


November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National Family Caregivers Month. Send us a personal story about how Alzheimer’s disease has affected you or how family caregiving has played a role in your life. We will post your story on a special page on our website and on social media. You may want to share a loving memory of someone you have lost to Alzheimer’s or a story about what being a family caregiver means to you or a tribute to a caregiver that you know and admire. You can share names if you would like, but that is certainly not required. Let the stories speak for themselves and let’s all spread awareness together! Send your story to Visit the Alzheimer’s Association website for more ways to get involved.


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