Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their experiences with The Elder & Disability Advocacy Firm of Christine A. Alsop, LLC:

  • “I feel Christine cared for my aunt as she would a member of her family.” – Joanne M.
  • “Words cannot explain our overall satisfaction – Great! You are professional, competent and caring.” – Barb A.
  • “Ongoing professional, timely, friendly, caring service by all staff members – also affordable.” – Roger R.
  • “Your firm presented information clearly. I felt that you truly had the best interests of my mother in mind. You offered resources other than legal so that my mother would be provided with the best possible care.” – Janet M.
  • “Yours was a very professional environment and we are happy to recommend your services. We feel like you gave us 150%!” – Marilyn K.
  • “Everyone at your law firm was friendly, helpful and professional. Christine and Wendy explained in detail my trust and other legal documents. I appreciated the time you gave me to make everything clear in my mind.” – Karen B.
  • “Service was excellent. We could not have been served better. You made us feel very comfortable. We had complete trust in you and your staff.” – Marilyn W.
  • “I have already referred others. I have really appreciated the patience that your staff has shown to me and the help. This has been a very difficult task for me when my time is limited and I am so emotionally charged.” – Anonymous
  • “Not being familiar with the intricacies of the law, I had clear explanations, always with patience and to make sure all was clear.” – Mary D.
  • “The office is welcoming. I felt comfortable discussing family issues. Most importantly, I wanted to feel as though my mother’s best interests were of prime importance and your office did that.” – Janet M.
  • “We always received good, quick advice right away. We were always pleased with the service provided.” – William W.
  • “Ms. Alsop was wonderful explaining wills and trusts. We walked out informed and knew that we would be in good hands with the law firm. Everyone was professional and friendly.”
    – Pam & Kirk T.
  • “I knew that our family was going to be taken care of when Christine met me at my mom’s nursing home. She was so thoughtful and patient with my mom and very understanding. We are blessed to have you on our journey with our mother. Thank you are always being there for us, day or night. You and your team is very responsive and kind.” – Jean D.
  • We would refer you to others because of the courteous service, good advice and patience in explaining things. We couldn’t have had better service. We felt you were always willing to explain details we didn’t understand and never rushed. We would certainly recommend the firm to others.” – Brenda W.
  • “The compassion that was shown was unbelievable, not only by Christine, but by the whole staff as well.” – Tamara S.
  • “All of you treated me like a person, not a number.” – Anthony S.
  • “Christine was very easy to deal with and helped us understand what was going on. She was also very, very nice to my dad. She took time to go over information one or 1,000 times. She didn’t make him feel “stupid”. He wanted to know the in’s and out’s of things and she took the time. We thank her for that!” – Therese S.
  • “Prompt and professional service. Explanations of legal terms are explained. Follow-up questions, concerns, suggestions are encouraged and answered! Closing letter was very helpful and important!” – Janet G.
  • “Office was very personal in action, advice and execution.” – William H.
  • “Loved the educational approach, just the right amount of details without being overwhelming. It was a very positive experience and comfortable. We felt respected and like we were a part of the process. We haven’t had any experiences with a law firm like this before. We can’t imagine there would be one better than this! Thanks!” – Ted & Sandy W.
  • “I would definitely refer you to others, especially concerning VA and Medicaid benefits.”
    – Elsa R.
  • “Service was excellent. Could not be better. Your service was A+. You showed compassion and explained everything very clearly – you have an excellent staff.” – Herbert K.
  • “Helped me to get the proper documents set up for my estate and fill in gaps that I needed. Very good experience.” – Mary S.
  • “You did a great job! Christine, you understood my needs and my worries at a time when I was vulnerable. I’ll always be grateful.” – Grace B.
  • “You are the best! Your fee was reasonable, you do a very good job.” – Wesley R.
  • “Very professional, patient, kind and able to explain legal jargon that everyday people can understand” – Sheryl S.
  • “We believe that in addition to providing competent, professional advice, that all members of your team sincerely cared about our family’s welfare and individual concerns and circumstances.” – Charles R.
  • “I don’t know how I would have made it through the last two years without you and all of your staff! You were all so good to me and walked me through my case every step of the way. Thank you for everything!” – Marcia D.
  • “It’s a first class operation!” – Larry L.
  • “Your personality and knowledge made me feel comfortable.” – Leroy N.
  • “Everyone at your firm was compassionate, caring, professional and efficient. Communication was clear and prompt. Honestly speaking, I would have never been able to get through my parents’ affairs without your help. I thank you so very much!” – Michelle W.
  • “Very accommodating and came her our house.” – Robert J.
  • “You’re the whole package! Caring, knowledgeable service.” – Susan B.
  • “You helped us to clarify the inheritance issue with our family member, thereby clearing the way for the proper type of trust.” – Tom M.

What was your best experience with our firm?

  • “Our working relationship with all of you. We would refer you to others because you are very knowledgeable and very nice and efficient.” – Edward M.
  • “The fact that everyone is professional, caring and willing to extend such a feeling of genuine concern. So pleasant.” – Peter G.
  • “Making me feel comfortable and relaxed, yet in a professional atmosphere.”
    – Anonymous
  • “Everyone has been friendly and knowledgeable each time.” – Barbara H.
  • “You were very flexible due to our life circumstances.” – Barbara F.
  • “Understanding my needs and answering all of my questions. Very, very satisfied.”
    – Pamela M.
  • “Knowledge and understanding of the situation and the warmth and kindness of Ms. Alsop and her staff.” – Brigette D.
  • “You would explain things that even I could understand.” – Howard S.
  • “You explained everything in ‘English’.” – Beverly S.
  • “The quality of your people and their helpful, friendly attitude.” – Charles B.
  • “My best experience was trusting Christine and her dedicated staff sight unseen. By the grace of God, I found help for an elder person who had nowhere to turn. Thank you.”
    – Andrea S.
  • “Your assistance in explaining everything. Your understanding of a complex situation.”
    – Shirley S.
  • “Your caring and understanding in this difficult situation. Thank you so much, you were all so great!” – Audrey M.
  • “Your willingness to help customers by coming to their homes and nursing homes.”
    – Helen A.
  • “Explaining things in layman’s terms.” – Joan M.
  • “Your expert knowledge.” – Mary S.
  • “Sent great directions and the cookies were very good.” – William N.
  • “The relaxed atmosphere and the professional manner in which your whole firm handled my needs.” – Lawrence M.
  • Christine explaining my options and warm chocolate chip cookies! I would refer you to others because I feel you have my best interest at heart and your firm is very knowledgeable regarding estate planning! Thanks again!” – A.J.
  • You came into our home and were very nice and made us feel comfortable – let us know what we didn’t understand! We couldn’t ask for any better service than what we received from all of you. I think anyone else would receive the same! Thanks so very much. – Bertie N.

Thanks to all of our wonderful clients for your kind words!